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design and implementation of websites

Websites was created by Agionet (see references webdesign, internet applications) on the platform Joomla! using responsive GavickPro template and extensions components – K2 for management articles, RSForm! Pro for management forms and Phoca Maps for management searching on map – for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera.

project manager: Ing. Martin Kotouc
project implementation: Jiri Hlavac

introduction of Agionet Ltd.

Our main activities include creation of Internet presentations and applications and their placing on Internet and intranet servers. Animators and FLASH programmers constitute a significant section in our company, another important group are Internet applications programmers using PHP/MySQL, jQuery, JavaScripts, C#, ... and naturally a group of graphic designers and coders using Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Dreamweaver etc. to create websites and presentations; we record films with a professional digital camera and we process the resulting video/film in the post production to be broadcast or used on the Internet/DVD/BlueRay.

we programmed the extensive webapplications which we offer to the general public/companies:

- loyalty system with collection of points from shops and the possibility to obtain discounts
- ERP-e corporate agenda + demo username and password: demo
- 360FB survey system for managements assessment
- competition survey system – online surveys supporting SMS sending and assessing
- we implement Redmine project manager

Our long-term practice in programming also brought us a wide amount of our own code in the shape of modules (payment gateways and systems, links to various websites using XML feeds, extended functionality of e-shops, booking systems, survey systems with evaluation, ...) and a lot of practical experience.

internet services:

- webhosting, serverhosting
- administration of all matters concerning webdomain – registration, creation of e-mails, launching websites, ...
- Google Apps – registration of a particular company, settings, ...
- converting PDF into FlipBook presentation

and many others

own projects which we develop and manage:

- – creation and sending of electronic Happy New Year cards, especially animated
- – creation touch presentations
- – corporate economic and logistical agenda

We greatly support our „website search engine optimisation“ section which is concerned with SEO/SEF/SEM analysis and the goal of which is to improve the search results of a particular website on the Internet.

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