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Research and development

Today automotive glass does not perform just its original function to be a safety element in front of the car-bodywork. It is optimal to use up its further features such as e.g. heating, IR reflection, thanks to a special acoustic foil to decrease a portion of noise in the cab, to place antennas and various communicative sensors in to the glass (eg. sensor for transit and toll registration on the motorways).

Thanks to a structure, compatibility and technology of our production lines we became one of competence centers for development of complex windshields, backlites and canopies in Europe. In the field of development we closely coperate with our iternational base in France and Germany.

Actual trends in R&D of automotive glazing are very closely assosiated with an overall demand for products saving the environment. Saint-Gobain offers such a products helping to reduce CO2 emissions. We follow two actions as mentioned below:

  • heat reduction inside the vehicle - this reduction conduces to less usage of air-conditioning and that means lower fuel consumption. Saint-Gobain Sekurit reaches this functionality thanks to products defined in portfolioDARK TINTED GLASS, the tinted glass of several shades, and Icecontrol glass, the glass preventing solar heating transmissivity inside the cabin.
  • • vehicle weight reduction - reducing the weight conduces directly to lower fuel consumption and again reducing CO2 emissions. Saint-Gobain Sekurit offers maximally thin glazing, thus the glass is lighter whereas you feel no lost of acoustic comfort thanks to usage of special acoustic foil inside the glasses, the ACOUSTIC GLASS.

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